In my first artistic works used the pseudonym VICTORIANDREA.

The books of poetry are just the inevitable result of a hit adolescence, by curiosity, where you die every moment to experience the different versions of life.

Here lies the pain, now carries a more balanced and somber, with the distance that gives the wisdom of the years, but no less grieved.

Reading these texts makes us remember the invisible hand of individuality where it all round our environment, with a typical adolescent's self-absorbed myopia has no control of himself or his environment, is why I want to make clear that not a whole of reality, because if so not worth living.

Yet in this desolation can find the lure that leads us becoming, glorious, intense, tragic and dead.

After these books of poetry had decided not to write more poetry, as clarified by the back of one of them, but time want to give another answer, not yet mentioned, but is dormant pending. This former decision was prompted by the neglect experienced by the poet, whom he did not want to go back, now justified with a selfless spirit that does not show the nasty world of our intimacy, the point being the everyday. When this is eradicated write again.



Libro de Poesía "Frontal", Victoria Andrea Muñoz Serra (Victoriandrea)

Libro de Poesía "Frontal", Victoria Andrea Muñoz Serra (Victoriandrea)



Published in 1997, individually. His artwork was done by the same author and is a painting called "María", which shows the virgin tying her hair to hawthorn, symbol of stoic suffering of Christ. Although the author claims to be atheist, frequently cites passages from the Bible in his works, surely the product of Catholic educational formation which can not boot up, victimized in this inevitable fate:


"The humidity rises in the face

god vertebrae

a cup of night

bankruptcy air".


And everything flows in nostalgia, longing for love withdrawn, abandoned the dream of mournful remembrance of an adolescence in tatters. Everything resonates:


"The house and its barking

Drowned, deep

a cry towards the inside".




"The cigarette coughs its last tear".


It seems that everything runs quietly and everything happens outside it, as if something had flown.





Published in 1994, along with three friends: Lidia Mansilla, Gastón Vergara, Pedro Aguilera, who met the standard literary workshop Sierpe. His artwork was done by the same author, through an ink drawing, which shows the poet's corner, a loft that was provided for all types of situations, and from which the texts were typed built on scraps of paper, where the image is from the outside, with a facade over the attic, which shows the old street Prat and hill Chepe , placing authors in a given geographical location and climate that pervades the imagery of the texts.

The couple talks about love, indifference, homesickness and forgetfulness, being the ever-present sense of isolation and then the passion is eternal under the presbyopia teenager in the duel seems to emerge as the only consequence:


"The drizzle has been stolen

the last metamorphosis



afternoon of birds".


Libro de Poesía "Altillo 4", Victoria Andrea Muñoz Serra (Victoriandrea)

Libro de Poesía "Altillo 4", Victoria Andrea Muñoz Serra (Victoriandrea)


Libro de Poesía "Teluria" Victoria Andrea Muñoz Serra (Victoriandrea)

Libro de Poesía "Teluria" , Victoria Andrea Muñoz Serra (Victoriandrea)



Published in 1996, along with two college friends: Pilar Cabello and Rebel. His artwork was done by the engraver: Claudio Romo, who at that time, knew little or nothing of poets, and modified many times the cover at the request of editor Marcos Cabal, also a friend (who rents the loft sporadic, funded part of this ), since one of the poets did not pay, then had to get him out, but then attacked them with money and so on.

Tellurium was conceived as a three-voice tremor, which denounces the violence of cloudy days to explode. It is the disenchantment of the home that was hammering rain. It is the threat we live in:



under the eye




our mouths

to roar

of the streets".



Poetry - Victoria Andrea Muñoz Serra

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